Beaulieu R 16 automatic , Angenieux 12-120 + 60 m Magazin , Arriflex , Bolex

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 by tedmovie posted on Feb 17, 2020 16:20

beaulieu r 16 automatic angenieux 12 120 60 m magazin arriflex bolex
B e a u l i e u R 1 6 automatic mit Angenieux Zoom 12 - 120 mm sehr guter Zustand, Test : Motor und Antrieb arbeiten manuelle u. automatische Belichtung, Zoom-Motor mit Zusatz - Magazin 60 m inkl. original Tasche Vorsatz-Linse Akku-Griff, Akku ist geladen Kamera-Abdeckung , wenn Benutzung ohne Magazin Ladegerät , Bedienungsanleitung große Leder-Tasche für Kamera und Zubehör alles zum Top-Preis von nur 499,00 € !!! Dies ist ein Privat-Angebot, ohne Garantiekeine Rücknahme...
Onsale for CHF 529.45 and shipping from Hamm / more on eBay...

 by analogfilms posted on Feb 24, 2020 01:39

rare late beaulieu 4008zm4 schneider 6 70mm f1 4 c mount zoom vintage super 8 16
Rare last version Beaulieu 4008ZM4 Super 8 camera in original packaging. The last of the great 4008 series, noted as these late ZM4’s have no internal filters which become a problem with age. Instead these filters are moved into the zoom lens as in the 6008/7008 series. Also like all ZM4’s has top filming speed of 80fps! I’ve tested this camera and everything appears to be functioning but this is a professional camera and like all pro equipment needs to be serviced in order to obtain perfect results. I have no records of this camera being serviced and I haven’t developed any film from this camera. Before your able to film with this camera you will need to make or buy a power source. No battery is included and the charger provided needs one of its pro...
Onsale for CHF 44.92 and shipping from Honolulu, more on eBay...

 by londinium41 posted on Feb 24, 2020 03:00

beaulieu 4008zmll super 8mm camera w schneider 6 66mm f 1 8 zoom lens case
This is the professional Beaulieu 4008ZMll Super 8mm movie camera and top of the line. This camera is considered to be one of the best in the Super 8mm film gage and it's in excellent cosmetic condition from estate sale. The camera comes with the special high end Macro Schneider 6-66mm, f/1.8 zoom lens with the special coating for anti-glare, anti-reflection, and sharp picture contrast and is one of the sharpest lens in the Super 8mm film gage, featuring auto/manual exposure and auto/manual zoom, and the camera runs at film speeds of 2-70fps frames per second and features back winding for double exposure, variable shutter for fades, Synchro spindle socket for sync sound recording and c-mount to attach prime lenses. This camera also features built-in film exp...
Onsale for CHF 219.25 and shipping from Delray Beach, more on eBay...

 by mche91 posted on Feb 14, 2020 23:38

beaulieu r16 16mm movie camera angenieux 12 120 new battery charger test work
Beaulieu R16 16mm Movie Camera,New Battery & Charger Test Work.The Angenieux 12-120 lens no mold, no fungus, no fog, and scratches. There are some small scratches on the body, which are normal use.The inside of the lens is clean and a few dust is visible. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. US ONLY Included: Beaulieu R16 16mm Movie CameraAngenieux 12-120/2.2 Lens C Mount Zoom Crank Front and rear lens capsBattery & Charger IMPORTANT ! Any additional info needed or other photos, please do not hesitate to email me. If there are any imperfections that I see, will list them, but I am only human and might miss some. plus something may be of insignificant to me, may be of great importance to you, so if you have doubts or questions, please mail me Prior to bidding. If...
Onsale for CHF 741.24 and shipping from San Francisco, more on eBay...

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